Mission Defence & Sports Academy

About Us

The Academy was founded by Sandeep Pannu. Ex.army 17 year with the vision of training the youngsters of India in order to explore their potential in the right direction by training them for various defence sector examinations so as to produce the best of the best future military commanders.

Mission Defence Academy: Feel the Passion…

India’s leading Defence training institute Mission Defence Academy is established on the pillars of four D’s namely DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION, DEDICATION & DIVINITY.

Within a very short span of time Academy has emerged as one of the most popular destination for preparations of defence examinations like Army, Navy, Air Force, Alls Para Military Force Physical and Written test.

Who We Are

Indian armies have the privilege of segregating countries and serving under the flag. The main institute of the Indian Defense Force is the NDA (National Defense Academy). UPSC is responsible for administering the NDA entrance exam. These exams can be taken twice a year for candidates who wish to work as officers in the Indian Armed Forces in the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy. He hunts down the most fit and suitable young men for the Indian Armed Forces. Many people have made prestigious careers by passing the NDA exam. A large number of students sit for the NDA exam but only a few can pass the NDA exam as few candidates lack equivalent knowledge acquisition, proper guidance and friendly training environment as well as dedicated educators. Maybe cadet academy is the main hub in delhi to join nda coaching in delhi mukherjee nagar. It prepares the participants with the help of highly specialized faculties that justify their preparation for the NDA entrance exam. It also trains the applicant in personality development and communication skills.


The strategic method of teaching and training imparted to students, virtually developing their potentialities and intellect sagacity in a constructive manner of planned schedule, is our VISION to achieve a successful career competitively in all respects.


The intellectual character and moral value of students are always kept high in this academy. Our Mission helps the students to meet the challenged ambience with constant endurance and perseverance to lay an incredible landmark on our concrete planning of fidelity. We would proceed forward with strong determination for achieving the goal of success and shall leave no stone behind at any turning of crucial confrontations.

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